T4 crafting thralls forgot how to make flawless gears and weapons?


Game mode: [ Multiplayer & Single player: (Online official & Online private ) ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: PvP
Region: [NA]

T4 thralls can’t craft fawless stuff anymore… since last patch

  1. Take a T4 thralls, put him in his respective crafting stations…

  2. Try to cratf a medium fawless armor … can’t make flawless, its not listed.

  3. If I pull him out of the station and put him back, I can see one row of flawless at the top but only medium armor aquilonian… all the rest of the flawless armors are gone from the list.

And thats with all T4 thralls … well I tried with like 20 of them and none of them workked.

Named crafter thralls have lost their knowlage to make flawless weapons and armor


Having the same issue with ALL crafting stations. Cant craft flawless armour or weapons. Recent patch messed stuff up!!


Click the rightmost icon in the top row twice and all the flawless come back.



Mikey’s workaround (shared in another thread) works to correct.

There was definitely something that changed/affected the inventory and bench UI in the last patch. I have found, too, that you cannot type the name or partial name to sift the inventory.

I will post screenshots later, if I remember. To work around this issue, as Mikey describes:

  • Open crafting bench with specialty artisan thrall already placed.
  • Dismay when seeing no exceptional/flawless recipes at the top.
  • Click/drag the thrall out of the thrall box, and drop the thrall into an open square in the bench itself.
  • Then, click/drag the same thrall back into the thrall box at the upper left. When you do, you will see a single row of specialty recipes show up on the top - above the normal recipes.

Here is the tricky part:

  • If you mouse over that single row of specialty recipes, and roll your mouse wheel, you will see that all of the recipes are actually there - they are just obscured on a separate “scroll row.” I don’t really know how to better describe this without pictures. There is real estate for only one row of recipes. But if you mouse over, and mouse wheel roll, you will see the additional rows of recipes concealed within the one row UI view.

  • An alternative to careful mouse work and scrolling - once you see the one row of specialty recipes, you can click up at the top and type in “flawless” or “khitan” or whatever to have the screen redraw according to your search keyword. After doing this, you will better be able to see the recipes that are available as you are not limited to just the one viewable row as you were before performing the search.

If you are using a controller, or on a PS4 or whatever, you might be hosed. shrug

I will update this post later (when I can) with some screenshots to support the workaround steps.

Named thralls do not have their specified set in exceptional or flawless in bench

so even more convenient! Very annoying to flip through this list. Only two lines would be better.


The work-arounds listed above do work. But it’s a pain. I am at a loss as to understand why every time an update is made a new bug is introduced.


this has been going on for almost 2 years now… fix, break, fix, break, fix, break, fix, break. Just think if they fixed everything the first time we would have a full functioning game by now.


flawless gear Bug Video


Same problem here.


Funcom, PLEASE.
How do you mass-produce these so annoying UI bugs?
Fire the useless UI developer and hire competent UI developer!


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