Thrall Trouble, Please help me



First, Forgive me about my English, thank you

After Update

When I put thrall into the blacksmith’s bench or armorer’s bench, I still could not craft the flawless equipment.
Please help me :frowning:


What tier are the thralls you are trying to put in the blacksmith’s bench and armorer’s bench? If they are tier 1, this could be why, I am fairly sure only tier 2 and higher can, and even then not all tier 2 thralls can craft flawless gear.


My thralls are tier 4


Its problem after patch. In this topic you find some answers

Link didnt paste, check forum topic name “Bugs after updating, the loaders and the large storage boxes and small itens are blakening on them!”


Oh, thanks


Others are having this issue, and I found this workaround: Take the thrall from its assigned box in the workbench, move him into the workbench itself, then put him back where he belongs. The flawless & exceptional stuff he’s supposed/used to craft will reappear as a tiny separate scrollbar above all the usual stuff.


You can also use search function (PC) to look for items, Or use sort button. (Consoles) to see other items, along side taking thrall off and putting it back on.


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