Thralls on benches only work for one person at a time?

Just coming back, three man clan, our own server so we are alone in the world.
When my clanmate placed a T3 Blacksmith thrall on our bench, he can see the options that are “above the line” to make “exceptional” items that he can craft, but I can’t.

If I go to the bench and use it he can no longer see the options. However If I take the thrall out and put it back, I can see the options, and the options stay until any other clan member uses the bench, and they have to take it out and put back each time.

This feels like a major bug, but could it possibly be some server setting? Anyone encountered this before?

Playing on remote hosted server.

Is your server modded? Just try to backup all your saved games, start anew without mods and admin-spawn all the thralls & crafting stations.

You have to learn at least basic blacksmithing.
Have you been drinking the yellow potions again?


on official.

It’s a bug with thralls. They sometimes don’t show all their recipes. Taking them out and putting them back in will fix it

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