Thrall question

I have posted this as a bug, but due to no response i’m guessing it might not be a bug…

I am playing on a European server with some friends. We captured a Blacksmith III thrall, broke him, and put him on the bench. I crafted an exceptional mace with him. The patch dropped the other day and now he’s a lvl 2 and can’t craft exceptional items…

So either the patch broke my blacksmith, or they degrade over time of being enslaved. Has anyone else had this happen?

its a bug. They do not decay.

Is it possible that one of your friends ‘borrowed’ your Tier-III Blacksmith and put a Tier-II in?

Most probable explanation, really

Sadly, my friends don’t know how to put them in the benches lol. We just captured another lvl 3 to replace him.

If some how your blacksmith changed level you have encountered some sort of bug.

Though the likely hood is someone borrowed your blacksmith or stole it. Check to make sure your base is sealed and that the blacksmith bench is not near a window. If your base doesn’t have a hole for someone to get inside and the bench is not near a window then someone in your tribe likely used the blacksmith else where!

Hopefully this helps.

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