Captured high level thrall wont craft items

Game mode: pvp official
**Type of issue:**Captured high level thrall wont craft items.
Server type:pvp official
Region: EU

Hi, the issue is simple. You capture thrall - level 3 or above in order to make high level items when you are low level. You put him in the blacksmith bench, he shows you all the recipes HE KNOWS, you add the items in the blacksmith bench BUT you cannot click on craft. Im on level 35 now, I captured level 3 thrall, he knows exceptionall hardened steel axe, I want to craft it, I cannot. This must be a bug.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Get a level 3-4 thrall at low level
  2. Put in blacksmith bench
  3. Try to craft recipes HE knows
  4. Fail misserably, be pissed because your slave refuses to create items you captured him for.

Not a bug. It is a correction of a long standing bug that let you craft a recipe you yourself didn’t know.


Um, the thrall knows it, why the hell would I need to know the recipe. What is the point of making slaves if they wont obey you then?

Its like if car companies refused to sell you cars unless you personally knew how to make them. What kind of stupid logic is that. Nononono, not even the funcom devs are this dum…unintelligent

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No, not car sales; car manufacturing. Its like, the Blacksmith knows metal, but he needs your instruction as to what you want from it. How do you want him to proceed? What is the design, that you know, that you can tell him, so that he can make what you want.

If it was just laying around, sure, he could sell it. But you are asking him to craft something for you. You know the recipe, but he has the skill to make it happen according to your instructions.


I agree with Mauricio… if I capture a thrall that supposedly knows how to craft an exceptional or even flawless item, then he should be able to make that item without me knowing how to…

You and Mau are correct in that they should logically know how to craft. They in fact do know how, but refuse to craft for us unless we prove to be worthy of their skill. So, we must also learn the craft, but actually working at a thrall craft station is forbidden, unless you are a thrall.

Plus some items are only craftable by thralls even if you do not know the recipe… And it takes away a lot of fun aswel…

And, what is the point of capturing the thrall if you have to spend your skill points anway? Thats one of the reasons you get a thrall, he knows stuff so you dont have to learn it…

As if feat points are an issue or the lotus potions are hard to craft … You are no longer able to bypass the restrictions. You need to have the prerequisites and the correct thrall. It is the way it is supposed to work and it is now finally fixed.

IMHO: The main problem here was the same with Sobek armor.

Low-level players can get something, which is not meant for them.

Sobek armor was better than crafted armor at lvl60 and the cave was always open…
Same with crafting stuff: You could craft stuff via the thralls, which you werent able (even with feat points), as your lvl was to low.

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