Thrall recipe question

My thought was if you get a blacksmith, he would know how to craft whatever tier weapons he is. What’s the point if I have to know the recipe for him to craft it?

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It was recently changed.
Many agree with you. whether it reverts back or not is up to Funcom.

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This was unintended, and fixed with the last patch. Very much a bone of contention within the forums.

So they do make stuff without you needing the recipe now? I’m confused. I’m on PS4 and haven’t patched recently.

they used to make stuff even if you didn’t have recipe. Last Patch “fixed” what may have been a long low priority bug. But Everyone got used to it, and now wants it back as was, T4 crafting special items without player having to have recipe.

so right now, they DON’T craft without recipes unlocked.

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It was totally uncool when I got a Beri in trade and put her in my Smith Bench with some Alchemical Base, iron and reptile hide. A lot of you prolly know where I’m going with this. From like Day 6 on my server I could make Flawless Serpent-Man weps. Let’s say I was crestfallen.

Part of what’s neat about inhabiting slower PC servers is that you can ask vets how various things stack up game vs game. In my opinion, having three chillable potions for respec makes Conan Exiles interesting, and being flexible with your build type is a player asset in both PvP and PvE tasks. Finally from an RP standpoint I am glad the recipes need unlocking now, as it forces the player to be the expert, and not the thrall.

That’s lame. Was hoping I could save points by getting thralls…

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If thralls do everything for you though, where’s the progression?

You could just make a friend who likes to do the other stuff :slight_smile:

Or go on one of those rp servers and beat up someone that wants to RP a slavery thing. They do indeed exist.

In either case you could then save points. If you’re in single player… you are your own admin and can do whatever you’d like :wink:

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