Serpent man recipes showing without learning

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Region: North American

Put any t4 thrall on weapons bench and recipe for Serpentman or flawless serpentman weapons show and are craftable by low lvls if someone gives them the handles.

Sheilds and arrows do not show without knowing recipe but weapons do.

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Currently Beri can make any grayed out weapon save for Arrows. So even things i dont have learned are all available. I dropped most of the weapons and can make them

I thought that’s how its meant to work? All my thralls work this way. I have a carpenter that could make me a hardened steel bow when I was about lv 40ish. Also blacksmiths can do same. I just figured all thralls worked that way.

If you don’t have the recipe you can’t repair the item while you have it on you. It needs to be placed in the blacksmith (or whatever) to get it repaired.

I think its supposed to be when you learn it would unlock the skill and armorer carpenters blacksmith would have exceptional or flawless versions unlock as soon as you put point into it for some reason they are broke on blacksmiths especially because they don’t show racial specialties like they used to they all show basically same recipes across the board and some have unlocked recipes that you shouldn’t have without learning them. good example is Fia specializes in Lemurian but unless you learn the recipes it should be greyed out and you not able to make them. Should be same with any of the craftsman.
Problem is people are able to make even the greyed out recipes which shouldn’t happen.

Ah i see. I didn’t realise that’s how its meant to work…lol. Been running around with awesome armour and weapons. I spend a lot of my time trying to get specific thralls to make me cool stuff.

Hmm, I am almost lv60 (58), so hopefully by the time they fix this it won’t matter to me, since I will be able to learn the recipe. I thought that was a cool mechanic, farm thralls til you got cool gear. Oh well…

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