Blacksmith - Acheronian Weapons Crafting - Bug - Missing Knowledge / Recipts or similar

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Problem: [Bug | Blacksmith]
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Hello dear Funcom & Community-Team,

on our private G-Portal Conan Exiles PS4 Server, i am using “Bri” (this Woman) as an Blacksmith and she / i can’t craft some special weapons, like the Acheronian Double Blade and all that stuff.

Even if i settle the buildung the blacksmith bench new, that does not solves the Problem. Before i Forget it, i already know the “skill” for it.

Please fix that bug, thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

What is the acheronian double blade???

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Hello @Massatus, welcome to the forums!

Which exact Acheronian weapons are you unable to craft and which related feats have you unlocked?

There’s a bug where you can’t scroll the crafting list past items that the thrall can craft. Maybe this is what you’re referring to?

The cursor will still move beyond the scrolling limit, so it’s still possible to craft the items that you cannot see. You can also take the thrall out of the bench, then put it back in, and this will temporarily fix the scrolling bug so you can see everything (you need to do it each time you access the bench though)

Another possibility is that the thrall simply cannot craft the weapon you want. Every named thrall is different; they all have a slightly different set of weapons they can craft that other named thralls cannot.

Hello @ all,

it is About the “acheronian double blade”, what is not craftable.

I also tried it with Bria or Bri i dont know the exact Name, i guess it is the female thrall who nearly could Smith everything and i also tried it with the thrall, also an female, what has the “Keeper of the steel secret” in it.

I also have learned all smithing recipies for starmetal weapons and all that stuff.

So then tell me wich skills i have to learn? I already learned the skill by itself. And also tell me please then, wich NPC/Thrall can craft those items? Or do i have to find “ingame” some recipts? i dont think so?


I have never seen that blade. Perhaps you do have to learn a scroll or something. Can you find it in admin.

craftable with a T4, T4 (purge) Blacksmith thrall in the crafting station // Any T4 thrall should make this far as I can tell , not at level 60 in present game so can not test it sorry.

Do you have both of the below perks unlocked??

The “keeper of steel” blacksmith he reffers to is Donia, and she can definatelly craft all acheronian weapons (both simple and flawless). U probably have to unlock the feat in ur characters menu , along with the proper shaft.

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