Can't craft exceptional items since update

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [N/A]

Had a named thrall at my blacksmith bench, crafted an exceptional steel trident with him before the update.

The next night (after the update), the exceptional items were no longer showing up in the crafting list. Can’t repair exceptional items either, even after re-allocating feat points.

Feats were reset after the patch. Make sure it is still learned maybe?

Tried that - reallocated all my points to where they were prior to the update. Still no luck.

I’ve also tried dismantling the bench and building an improved bench and swapping out the thrall.

The exceptional items aren’t showing in the list of thrall items at all. Only the flawless ones.

Put a level 3 thrall in it, then you can craft it again.

that fixed it. Thanks dude.