Bug: Named Crafters can make recipes without underlying knowledge

Game mode: Online official | Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: North America

Players are able to craft weapons and armor without spending the points or having acquired certain recipes in the world. Example: Serpent-Man. Last night I was able to craft a Flawless Serpent-Man Shield despite my lack of Skelos. I have confirmed this with Blacksmiths as well.

To reproduce:

  1. Find a recipe you haven’t yet acquired, like Flawless Serpent-Man
  2. Place a named Armorer or Smith in respective bench
  3. Place the materials in bench
  4. Craft as-yet-locked weapon or shield, despite the tooltip that says knowledge required.

Verified with Flawless Serpent-Man War Spear. This character has not done Skellos either; the recipe shows darkened, but can be crafted despite the text showing “Requires knowledge:”.

On the other hand, at the carpenter’s bench, Serpent-man Arrows do not appear, even darkened.

Like Nepal, something is not square with the flag.



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Hey @Barnes

Our team is aware of this issue and they’re looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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No rush, take your time. Always seemed like more of a feature than a bug to me.

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Says you. I’ve looked into this bug 3 different times. My curiosity to know what’s causing it has created one huge itch that cannot be scratched. Im 99% certain its something in the code, which means inaccessible to lowly oh modders like myself, but still, arrggghh.

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Says I :slight_smile:
It’s just because I’m addicted to this whole “my character is not the chosen one” shtick, which means not depending on his knowledge for every craft to be possible makes sense. Still though, I’m hardly going to complain if/when it gets fixed :sunny:

It’s not in the code.
They’re watching us.



Well tell “they” to freaken DM me on what the cause is before I go insane. :sob: (oh wait, too late for that)



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