Thoughts on new crafting and thrall chnages

The new economy or whatever your gonna call it update that changes crafting thralls and benches is a very brave change, I personally don’t agree with it, you guys stated that its a pain to get specific t4 armorers and other thralls, but tbh its just something that should have to be done in order to get high end armor, if they can’t be bothered getting a certain one then they can just go buy a dlc? The new system just means that the older clans gonna have more legacy items to wreck new players in, plus its way to complicated, sounds like more of a pain to get the correct thrall now then it ever has been, and I would just like to get the communitys reply on this, and tell me what you guys or girls think about this

ATM getting specific thrall (like +dmg blacksmith) is almost impossible on siptah. We started freshly on PvE, but on PvE-C, we did around 50-100 T4 surges. Result? 3x smelter, 1x cook, 1x carpenter. I’m highly hoping that getting T4 armorer/blacksmith will change with 2.3, but then how different will the new map be from existing map? It slowly becomes Exiles Land 2.0 to me.

Its as simple as the maps just simply not good, I’ve only really heard bad things tbh

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