New Crafting Stations

Love the new models. Seriously great work even if I’m not sure how I will fit some in my crafting hall.

Even for people like me who can’t binge play even on the weekends, time is the least precious resource in this game compared to resource costs, damage output, durability and things like stat bonuses. Given a constrained situation, I think 99% of the player base will choose to wait longer OVER less of something else if it is a tradeoff.

That said, I think the devs should seriously reconsider the split T3 options for the crafting stations and just go T4 with more of whatever bonus the would apply.

Also, hopefully you can get more creative with the thrall bonuses. Thralls that added +3 to strength for forged weapons etc. would be really cool and incentivize searching for T4’s.


Yeah it looks great so far! I like the idea behind adding more tiers of benches, and more uses for thralls

That said, stat altering weapons are a very sensitive thing to add. Might need a lot of feedback for such things

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