Regarding the crafting stations, thralls and recipes (and other stuff)

After using the new crafting stations recently, I have a few suggestions (I realize some are a bit larger features than others):

  • Add a feature to organize crafting recipes; could be by type (e.g. buildings, crafting stations, 1h swords, medium armour, epic). Could also organize by style (e.g. aquilonian)
  • Add a feature to allow recipes to be hidden, or mark as a favourite. Often when I’m building, I have a small set of patterns that I use frequently during the build.
  • Add a crafting station dedicated to crafting building pieces (with fast vs. cheap options).
  • Add a builder thrall that builds structures. Laying down a building piece instead lays down a ghost, which the builder will complete building.
  • Add thrall training, or research. This would allow increasing a thralls level/tier, either by placing a higher level thrall in the station, adding some scroll, or magical item, or by sacrificing a similar thrall.
  • related to the previous point; allow the traits that thralls get at certain levels to be trained, or researched over time, and/or with some consumable/trainer.
  • Add a compass (The in game map effectively is a compass, but it would nice to be able to carry one that I can look at. Perhaps a twist on Isle of Siptah might be a compass that always points to the tower).

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