Crafting Stations for Building Pieces

So, the filters are not the best in the world.

So just throwing it out there. I’d like to see a crafting station for groups of building types.

One for T1 stuff.
One for T2.
One for T3.
One for each of the DLC building groups.

The old ones are phased out, usually. And if you have the DLC, you likely stick to a theme anyways, so one building station is all you’d need. So the extra stations wouldn’t really clutter you unless you wanted to build in many different styles all at once.

These are mainly just for Walls, Foundations, Ceilings, etc. Not lights or placeables.

I think this would be a tremendous quality of life addition. The most basic of basic buildings could still be in your inventory crafting. But all others could be tied into these new stations. You add the station to the existing feats for crafting a particular type. So they unlock naturally.


I like this suggestion just for the dlc building materials as it would take away the cluttering of the recipes in your inventory

Yeah. And since you already require a feat for the DLC stuff, it’d be easy to just slip the station into that to unlock when you get the DLC feat.

I do not like the idea of separate stations for building pieces as I find I am often crafting at the place I’m building and the idea that I’d have to run back to a station to make another x piece because I ran short is very undesirable.
Improving our inventory layout would be better for me … an option on the inventory to hide or show each building tier for example as a row along the top that all platforms can tick to show / no show as desired.
If the building station(s) came as an optional feature then fine but not enforced.
I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve run out of pieces and have to craft another on the fly… we all know that moment when that one wall/fence/roof piece/ceiling tile snaps into place in the wrong direction which means you have to destroy it…
As for not using the other tiers when you have moved to next … well most people I know tend to do their build experiments in sandstone then upgrade. Even when I build direct in t2 or t3 or DLC I tend to use sandstone as scaffolding.

It wouldn’t exactly be difficult to put a single building station wherever you were making a camp at, now would it?

It only becomes a hassle if you are building a camp utilizing many different DLC walls/foundations along with all of the T1-T3 building pieces.

Hiding Tiers would be fine, but not for the DLC content. So far there are going to be 8 of those, possibly 12 or 16. Can you imagine the insane number of walls, foundations, and ceilings that are going to gob into one’s inventory?

That’s a fine way to build. But you still simply place the station for whatever tier or DLC you are going to use and go to them to get your walls and stuff.

Actually I would find it annoying to have to run back from where I’m building to pick up or make another few pieces EVEN if it’s close to where I am building … I get annoyed at the separation of the armoured and improved armour benches … that in order to make a epic level 60 piece you HAVE to interact with the armour bench to make a non-epic lining, then the non-epic piece and THEN move this to the improved armour bench to use it as part of the epic gear.
So building benches sound even more annoying … and yes placing them where I am building would be a problem … when you have climbed up multiple storeys to extend the walls or placing the roof … run out of pieces or realise it’s the wrong piece and have to get to floor to get another made in the bench… etc

We constantly see suggestions from players who like to link storage chests to crafting benches as they don’t like micro-managing moving resources… multiple suggestions for auto-sorting inventories (Eg assign x as stone chest -> click give all on a stack of stone and it goes to that chest)

I play on PvE but on PvP the building benches would be prime targets for destruction so placing them undefended as you are building would not be sensible.

PS: I guess because I’m on a PC I don’t find the inventory that much of an issue as I just type part of the name of the tier/item and it sorts for me. I understand consoles have to scroll. Hence a click show/no show at top of inventory to show sandstone or hide, show black ice or hide etc is preferable for me.

So instead you have to run back down all those different levels to reach your storage chest to keep the materials on hand so you can craft in your inventory. Which also bogs you down with excess weight that often makes you waddle like a duck because you have to carry the weight of your building pieces PLUS the weight of all the materials used to craft them.

This is not a superior way of doing things.

Or else you spend half your time trucking back down to the bottom level and carting all your materials up to the top, as much as you can carry without being over-encumbered, until you get it up top, and then you do all your crafting.

Yes, you have the luxury of typing what you are looking for. On console, we have the base filters and have to just skim down through most all of the different building pieces. It’s annoying as all hell. Moreso with the more building options we get.

So a station that you can pick up and drop at will around your base, where you can set it up to craft what you need at a spot, and queue it so it creates while you are building, is preferable to the inventory version, at least to some.

A filter system in the carfting inventory which allows to select predefined values (like the existing buttons)

  • Building Items
  • Armor
  • Weapons

with a sub filter depending on the selected filter e.g.

Filter: Buidling Items

  • T1
  • T2
  • T3 (vanilla)
  • T3 - The Imperial East
  • T3 - Jewel of the West
  • T3 (full: vanilla + DLC)

Filter: Armor

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Cold Protection
  • Heat Protection

Thats all I need. Opinions?

Oh and a pin-feature to pin the current selection to the current crafting station

and it fits in the current ui:

removing the icons on the right and place a subfilter combobox (btw. this is only a quick ui prototype and not functional)

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Sounds great. But how much of a hassle would that thing be to control on a console with limited button options.

Honestly, I’m seeing a new window need in this. While in your inventory/craft station, you should have a single button to press for Filter.

Then you establish your options via dropdown menus. To expand on yours:

What do you want?

Building Items / Armor / Weapons / Consumables

What type do you want?

Structural - T1 / S - T2 / S - T3 / S -[dlc]

Light Armor
Medium Armor
Heavy Armor

various weapon types

Food Items

When you are satisfied as to the dropdowns, you click Filter, and it filters your inventory to only show items related to that. With another button to quickly reset your filters.

Would be a HUGE improvement to the game.

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