More organized Crafting manuel

Hello all,
I think this is self explanatory,
Everytime I want to craft somethhing I have to scroll all the way down to find it,
For a creative builder like me , its problem because I spend 10 - 20 seconds on menu trying to find the things I need,

If you can make it into categories as folders ,
For example I go to folder ( structures ) then ( house) , ( yamatai ) and then I get to find all Yamatai structures in one place.

Also would be batter if we can hide some of the stuff that we never use but we have to learn.
Like reinforsed structures !!
People jump from sandstone to black ice so no need to have reinforced / insulated structures and make my crafting menu full of stuff.

I hope I make sense and thanks for readying this…

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Funnily enough, I’ve played three characters to level 60, and I’ve never seen black ice yet. Mounds of the Dead are basically the farthest north I’ve wandered. So yeah, I use stonebrick, insulated wood and even reinforced stone in my buildings.

But that aside, I agree with you that improved filters for crafting inventories would make life easier. Alphabetical order is simple, but the current filter buttons are not very useful - especially the “construction” button, which contains all foundations, walls, pleaceables, crafting stations, etc.

In an ideal situation we could make our own tabs so we could organize our recipes in the way that makes the most sense to us. But just chopping down the current list into several subsections that make sense would help with the logistics of scrolling up and down.

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I think it’s safe to say that the crafting menu was a mess before the DLC packs, with them it’s downright horrible. While I’ve gotten used to just typing in the filter box for everything, it’s not particularly efficient or intuitive.

That said, as nice as an upgrade would be here, I have to say I can understand why it hasn’t been / still isn’t a priority. The current system is functional (if far from ideal) after all.

agreed, something should be done here, would be huge QOL boost. i’ve often wished for a filter that only shows things that have materials to actually be crafted with what you have on you/in the crafting station.

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Yes, a “buildable” filter would be easy to program and efficient. You pack the raw materials for the desired structure type (for example, sandstone / wood and stone) into the inventory. Then you can see in the selection all things that you can build with wood and / or stone.


No, it is not functional. It’s a disaster.

The current system is why I do not buy the DLC’s. I play on console and it is terrible.

I even thought about installing the one purchased DLC.

I’m sorry, but it IS functional. Very far from optimal certainly, but it does work - it’s not buggy, either. You can build anything with it. I realize I sound like I’m defending the current system which is not really my intent, I just think it’s important to differentiate between functional (working) mechanics and buggy/broken ones.


Mikey is right. Yes, the current system is unwieldy and difficult to use, but it works, as in “it’s not actually broken”. Using words such as “disaster” is not constructive, nor does it make our cause any more credible.

It’s better to try to be objective when giving feedback, even if it’s something we feel very strongly about.

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I would love the ability to add “Favorites” that stick to the top of the crafting menu. 7 Days to Die has a similar function and it makes the crafting UI more usable.

First, this is a google translation.

Literally it works. You’re right. On a PC this does not seem to be a problem either. You can search with a text filter. That’s great.


There is no such thing on console. Why is the text search not programmed?

The operation / control is so bad (especially the category handmade) by the long scroll through the bar, which makes it almost unplayable.

Meanwhile, I regularly take the yellow lotus potion and skill new. Just so that the bar handmade is not so full.

It is particularly annoying if I had all DLC’s. Then I have when I build structures wants tons of components unlocked. Without that I want that. It is a catastrophe. Honestly. And then all the skins for the animals are added and that’s just because I’ve unlocked the fire bowl.

And that’s exactly why I do not buy the DLC right now.

And please note: The effort to improve this will not be huge. There are many bugs that are less annoying than these to full bars with producible.

Best regards

First, this is a google translation.

I would like to express my subjective opinion. I do not want to be objective.

The game certainly has bugs. I do not care. I love the game. But the control is a very negative point for me as a console player. Where Conan is already quite good here compared to some other things. But this unsortedness is a huge criticism. Or just the missing filter options.

This is currently the biggest problem for me.

Best regards

That’s pretty shocking that the recipe list doesn’t have a text search on the consoles, I don’t think I could play like that! :open_mouth:

While I too would like a building tab with check-boxes to show/hide each of the building styles (e.g. Aquilonian, Sandstone, Black Ice, etc.) The single thing that would help me the most is if the text-search field automatically had cursor focus when opening either a character or a bench’s inventory, and if the search results were persistent until cleared.

If the cursor was already present in the search box, then I could immediately start typing “Front” if I wanted to see just the building pieces with “front” in the name (i.e. the Frontier set) or type “roof” if I wanted to see just roof pieces. With persistent search results, I could then close my inventory, reopening a few minutes later when I needed to make different pieces in the same set and not have to type anything at all because I would still see all the Frontier or roof pieces I’d searched on earlier.

Additionally, if search persistence was implemented with the prior text highlighted, then clearing the search would be as simple as pressing delete or simply typing a new search (since highlighted text is replaced by newly typed characters in pretty much every program ever).

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