Crafting Menu Rework

Hi, I created this account just to leave this feedback:

I’m sure you already know of the issues in the crafting queue, so I won’t spend time talking about that.
But the crafting menu is too full: there are too much items that can be crafted. (I’m talking about the Handcrafted Menu)

It needs to be reduced: a “simple” way could be by creating folders:
Folder 1: Sandstone → include all sandstone items.
Folder 2: Floatsam → include all floatsam items.
Folder N: T1 Stations → include all T1 stations.

I know it’s already divided in Buildings/Weapons/Consumables etc… and that’s ok, but the Building tab is too full. It’s a pain to find the item you want to craft, and the solution shouldn’t be hard to implement.


@JohnnyWylder , Welcome to the community. You have to be more specific about the console you play.
For example I can tell you for Playstation that this separation exists in different way. You just need to go in your inventory and press R3.

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I play on PC :slight_smile:

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I play on PS and i think the actual separation is not enough…
The idea with folders or a tree structure for crafting items would be nice…
Also it would be very nice if I can search by text like in the admin panel

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@ConanBoDk , The pc players have this option. They can type what they want to craft, it’s logical they play on keyboard :man_shrugging:

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In that case, if you are on PC, there are several decent options for filtering your crafting menus. In addition to the tabs for Buildings/Weapons etc, we also have access to a drop down menu that allows for selecting between specific DLCs (so if you want Flotsam, for example, you can just select Isle of Siptah from that menu and filter that way). We also have access to a standard search bar - just click on it and type the first few letters of what you’re looking for (for example ‘sand’ will get you all the sandstone building pieces).

Both these search options are at the top of the crafting menu, to the left of the building/weapons etc filters. I can probably find you a screenshot if you’re still not sure.

I can see additional filters/folders being useful on console, but honestly on PC they would just be extra clutter and another way for new players to get confused (it’s still not unusual to see new players thinking their recipes have ‘vanished’ because they’ve accidentally clicked on one of the existing filters).


Between R3 / RB & L3 / LB I think we have the same sorting options on consoles than on PC. The difference is there isn’t any search bar on the crafting menus. I mean all menus, the hand one and those on benches.
I really don’t understand why. I always have a keyboard plugged when I play on PS4 or XBox one. With CE I can only use it for searching in the admin panel. If it’s possible for the admin panel I can’t see any reasons why it isn’t for the menus in the game.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

A dirt-sheep crafting station for all constructions.

( Search is a good option but not everyone now the name of everything and more so spell it)

Ah thank you, didn’t notice it :slight_smile:
This actually solves my problem, so thread can be closed (for me)

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