Crafting menu folders pls!

we need crafting menu folders to reduce the crafting menu size, it’s to much already an another update has rolled out with no fix for the size, spam the forums with CRAFTING MENU FOLDERS


some sort of organization options other than greying categories of recipes out would be a much appreciated QoL improvement.
especially for those of us on consoles, who do not have a search option.

I wholeheartedly support this idea.
a folder file system menu would be a great advantage over the current menu.

If we can’t get a search option or menus, maybe a new “construction workbench” for making foundations and other building peices. That would make our personal build menu a lot cleaner. Especially if you own all the DLC.

LoL, if you want to spend so much time and energy for this bug, I will give you a list with 100+ bugs…

Any way to sort/organize/filter crafting menus on console would be wonderful. I’ve gotten pretty good at finding something, but scrolling down for an hour only to realize I forgot to grab twine and will need to scroll down again makes me want to kick puppies.

I also support this idea. In addition, I think being able to cycle through different building pieces of a similar type as done in the game Atlas (recommended in a Shadiversity video) would also be a great improvement for the builders who are in need of some love right now.

I just read a topic about the same thing right above this in the forums.

I suggested a separate menu similar to the feats screen from which we can tag recipes to be in the main menu sidebar. If there was a sortable ans serchable full screen menu it would be easier to use on console.

Request supported. The Xbox One X crafting menu is pure overloaded chaos. And not even a search option.

Yep. I’ve been suggesting a folder system or customizeable tabs for the crafting menus for quite some time now. We have hope because Funcom has acknowledged that the Crating menu has bloated uncontrollably, but last I heard them comment on it they hadn’t decided what to do about it, or when. Let’s hope it happens before my mouse wheel grinds into nothingness.

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