Quality of life patch before anymore DLC......please

We desperately need a quality of life patch before anymore dlc is released, one example is a clean up of the crafting menu, and i mean a MAJOR clean up, each dlc adds more crafting items and the crafting menu just get bigger and bigger and more cringe worthy every time i know I have to re enter any crafting menu becasue i forgot an item, having to scroll thru a hundred times is getting old very very fast, as a programmer myself i know It would not take very long at all to add a folder to the crafting menu, this small task alone would save a lot of players a major headache. (I also don’t know why it hasn’t been done yet after the amount of dlc we’ve already recieved???)
Another would be allowing us to have our own folders or maybe a bag system to actually separate and sort our inventory the way we as the player want to. The bags should not drop when giving all. Something just to make inventory management a little less of a hassle, also in stats being able to see what race and religion we started as would be nice as well. Small things like these would make life a lot better for us players


You know you can use search, right? :wink:

Search does nothing for the devs needing to see stuff like this, like my post says we’ve had multiple dlcs and still a convoluted crafting menu that hasn’t been touched, it’s not me who needs search and read these it’s them so the more of these posts the better imo

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as a modder I know this is not true. the real effort depends on the underlying structure of the data and the current implementation is not ideal for grouping stuff into folders.


you know people also play on console without keyboard, right?


Because guy in charge of designing the game spent all his work time on writing gibberish item descriptions no one cares about. :laughing:

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There is, and it’s a pain in the a$$. Let alone type something everytime i’m looking for it. Not a viable option for console i think

Especially the Obsidian one is lovely, isn’t it? :smiley: Or the ladder, I believe.

Also, having some crafting menu clean up would definitely be nice. Especially if it came with interior walls! :yum:

There is keyboard support for the PS4 version at least, but that was only added a few patches ago, but never mentioned in patch notes.

You still have no search field in the menu… So where should I write anything?

I often play on my PC via RemotePlay (while my GF is using the TV). So I have keyboard support and in feats, there is a search tab. Works fine…

But in any crafting menu?? Where should I even write anything, when there is no field for it?

This is PC or? I am at PS4… Dont know if I have there a field… (and if there is one, I never saw it :smiley: :smiley: )

Yeah, that field does not exist…

And now Imagine what a pain in the ■■■ it is to craft many things If you have all DLCs…

Scrolls into enternity

Sorry, I misunderstood what you wrote:

Since I had no idea about RemotePlay, I took that to mean you’re playing Conan on PC, as in the PC version of Conan.

Sucks that PS4 has no search fields :frowning:


Yeah, because it makes no sense that there is none…

And many armors are sorted randomly… Nightmare to craft them. Some parts are there, one there and 2 there…

Only search field at PS4 is the talent/feat search. There you have that field and can search after any feats…

Edit: And thats why I created such threads:


Ah… and the next bug is the saddlers bench… its between T1-T3 building pieces… sorted after abc…

I needed way to long to find that…

I’m only on console

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