Crafting menu options

When crafting from your inventory, the crafting options are to the right, and your inventory is to the left. But to craft, you must scroll and scroll, and scroll on the right side of the menu till you finally get to where you need to be - only to find out you’re missing something. Go get it, and scroll, and scroll, and scroll back to your place.

Am I missing something? Is their an easier option than just scrolling? I tried the filters. Only thing it seems to do is highlight the items. Teases you a bit by showing you the items, then when I go to select them the menu scrolls back to the top of the list.

Is there something I am missing? Or is this always intended? I’ve been playing for a good chunk of time, and the further I am in the game, the more I hate going to craft because I have to scroll endlessly.

Is there an option to type the item, or a phrase, or something that would allow me to go straight to the item or group of items?


I wish you were missing something. Unfortunately you’re not. Consoles really need some attention when it comes to sorting and scrolling but so far only Crom has heard our cry’s.


Every DLC you buy or item you learn to craft just makes it worse.


I agree. The filter should hide items, not just grey them out.


The solution I’ve found is to buy only the building feats I need and to respec once I’m done without buying any building feats. The crafting menu is a lot more manageable then.

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I agree. I would really like to see this, as a Quality of Life issue, bumped up a notch in priority level. We need something, a favourites bar, folders, a search bar, better filters. Ill take anything at this point.


On PC you can actually search the name of what you’re looking for, but I didn’t know that it wasn’t the case for consoles (it’s obvious now that I think about it). So I’m totally with you on this, console players should get some love too !

I think that it should be turned into a list system rather than an icon system. but the developers did work hard on those icons, so maybe have the icons next to the list names. I think that that’s kinda like what microsoft word did with their over abundance of things it could do.

When using the admin menu on the PS4, you can just search for whatever item you want to find. It’s very similar to the pc version in that regard. They even list items to make it easier to find what you need, and the text box remembers previous inputs so you don’t even need to fully type out the name of the item you’re looking for. Overall, the admin search menu is done very well and why you can’t search through the normal crafting menu in a similar manner is hard to comprehend. Even if the crafting menu was sorted into tabs, it would be a huge improvement as then one wouldn’t have to scroll through eight DLCs worth of building options just to make a torch.

Also, the menu fonts need to be bigger.

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Yes, but there are those that don’t want to go down the admin route when playing.

But I know know what you’re saying, the system is already implemented - it’s already there. Now only if such could be carried over to casual play without the use of admin tools/activating admin.

“Also, the menu fonts need to be bigger”
The developers are surely not playing on a PS4 from their couch on a 55" TV at 4 meters away (12 feet in rtrd units)


It is not just font size but needs better focus clarity

I couldn’t agree more. It’s about time consoles get a little love.

During one of their mailbag streams earlier this year, I asked if they had any plan to implement a better sorting system. They touched on it for a bit, saying they know it’s needed, with no real eta or plans for it.

It needs to be a bigger priority for them. I’m sure there are more dlcs planned for the new year, which will just bog it down even more.


I understand how you feel Arsenalcontrol. Most PC players dont even realise that this is an issue for console players, and that we dont even have a search bar. I am currently at a personal dilema; where I now have all but one of the items from the Library of Esoteric Artifacts. So I have begun to build Tablets of Power so that I can acquire all of the Feats. However, I just can bring myself to spend them on any other building Feats, as it will generate too much clutter in the Handcrafting menu.

Agree, with 9 DLCs and more to come throughout the year, this needs to be made a greater priority.


Best thread so far and something that really needs to be addressed soon for console players. The pace FC is pumping out DLC its becoming more and more straining on finding things.


It will be a 10 minute scroll to find a camp fire or torch. Plus if you don’t buy dlc it will still be their to scroll through never played a game I had to do this and I will be 61 in March far from being a spring chicken more like a cranky old ■■■■. OOPS.

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