Crafting Menu - Grrrrrr ;)

The crafting menu of both stations and just the ‘crafting menu’ in inventory… grrrrr

Want to create a heavy foot lining, etc. - good luck, not anywhere around any of the other linings.
Want to craft Khitan, etc. - good luck… it all blends in.

In the main inventory menu - sure, you can click select by (about 5 small icons) and things grey out.
What about the active items automatically go to top.

Not only that - there are pet skins and everything else in there.
Seems like crafting stations (of each DLC would be better)

Maybe there should be a gap between things - a nice dividing (but beautiful line) that sets off each category - sure we have colors, but it all blends… and as mentioned items of type or category aren’t together. (i.e. the linings of material in the crafting bench.)

Would love to see a complete overhaul of this.

  • Think about it this way - the attribute menu is awesome… it wasn’t always that fun to use.
    Time for the crafting to really be easy on the eye…

Anyone else consider how it could visually be done to make the crafting menus really more fluid to work with?

Agreed, idea (not new) fully supported. Please upvote this, if you like it. Hopefully the day will come when stuff will take care.


I agree Dhaylen. While its only a first-world problem, there is room for improvement. If you think the PC is bad at this point, you should see the console version. We dont even have a search bar. :wink: There was a whole heap of good suggestions on how it could be approached in the thread below. A favourites bar would be nice, but ill settle for almost any of the impovments within at this point.

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agreed, the “sort by” tabs need overhauled. till then, try to remember most of it is alphabetical. also on ps4 u can make it scroll faster by holding down on d pad and quickly flicking the analogs down at the same time.

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