Consoles really need improved crafting menus

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We really need the ability to expand and collapse categories in the crafting menu. Which each DLC the problem just gets worse. I shouldn’t need to scroll through half a dozen building types and all of their associated pieces to craft a simple torch.

Much love devs.


Indeed. The system needs a revision to say the least; an overhaul would do good.


Could just make all dlc items built on the relevant artisan table, it’d clear the inventory menus but would mean you couldn’t build them from your’e inventory but then i think all but T1 sandstone should be built on a bench anyway. :smile:

My fingers yell S.O.S each time the sequences get messed up. :joy:

That would only be possible for Aquilonian and Khitai building since there is artisan bench in their dlc. But there isn’t any artisan bench in the Yamatai and Frontier dlc. So, it won’t work.
Personally I’d like to have a Mason bench to craft all building items from sandstone to T3, craftable with stones and woods. Then keep only T0 craft and all the basic workstations in the crafting menu. It’ll make our life on PS4 a lot easier. :wink:

That’s exactly what i mean only using artisan tables instead of a new bench the reason i think sandstone should be accessible from the hand crafting menu is to not confuse the noobs too much by forcing them to build a specific bench before they can make a basic shelter.

It would be nice if they went the way of the PC to where they had the search bar on the top of your crafting side this way you could just type in what you need

The best way i can think to clean the crafting menu without removing anything would be to use thumb stick presses to change the crafting type between weapons armour building and consumable items like how the inventory can highlight by type.

Something like this would be nice in other places like the armour bench to switch between standard and epic variants.

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