How about cleaning up the crafting menu (PS4)

I love the game But the crafting menus need some TLC I own all of the add on packs and after i open up T3 building my menu takes forever to scroll thru to get to the items i want …If for nothing more than the building items it would help give me folders, IE Sandstone, Black Ice etc. when i click on that folder all the building componets of that type be there , it would be great if weapons and armor had folders of there own also, but this 57 year old gamer would do a back flip just for the building peices to be done this way


Yeah, the U.I. is a little clunky in that regard. The minor filters it gives helps but still, having seven different sets of building materials makes that rather insignificant.

I even feel like a ‘recently built/crafted’ option that goes back about 3-4 items would help streamline more as well so I don’t have to pick between crafting one at a time through the radial wheel, or scrolling through a bunch of things so I can make bulk in one shot.

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Nope, no keyboard support in that area. (it works in other areas) but no chat or ~ tilde commands.

We can keybind from crafting menu, but it doesnt over lap.
So if I make insulated ceiling to NE keybind. And make one, It’ll put it in another keybind if empty, or back to inventory.

However, if i have 0 insulated ceiling on me, it’ll be greyed out in keybind. And I can quick use it and make several. (if crafting time is up really high, you can make 1 maybe 2, before it isn’t grey no more,)

Like other threads, we need a new panel in options, that lets us turn off Tiers or Building types. Let me turn off Angle roofs, and sandbrick and sandstone so I can declutter inventory.

Also other suggestion, to make “Artisan” Thrall and a “Artisan Builder Bench” That crafts building types. So t3 thrall could make T3 building styles, at reduce time at workbench. And we no longer need to buy feats. (t4 just be less supplies and faster)

Which has been one of better suggestions.

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