Slow crafting, i just want to build a house :'(

Hello everyone,

I would like to suggest adding t3 buildings to the Artisan work table or carpenter work table for faster crafting. I am fine with being able to also craft them in your inventory but i would love to have the option to craft them faster in a workbench.

It is impotent that you don’t reduce the cost when crafting in the bench, giving crafting speed should be enough :slight_smile:

What do people think about this?


its been brought up alot and theres inevitably someone says "nooo i wanna do em by hand derp!

Maybe we can have both? :slight_smile:

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On a workbench you can have a thrall who reduces the crafting time. For Named T4 and Purge it could be reduced quite a lot. But for crafting building pieces I don’t think it’d be that faster. They’re pretty fast to craft as they are now. In fact what takes the much time is finding what you want to craft in the menu, especially on console without any search function.


Putting a Thrall on the workbench makes it craft faster, T4 thrall is best. I think this would be awesome if it would be added.

Normally you also get a cost reduction when you add a thrall to the craftingstation but i don’t think the cost reduction should work on the building blocks. It would be to balance breaking!

I am thinking that is the reason why building pieces are not on the crafting stations in the first place, because they don’t want the cost to be reduced and that actually makes a lot of sense. I think they should be able to code it so it excludes buildings form becoming cheaper when you add the thrall.

It would be nice if we could have some more sorting options in the inventory. Like folders or something :slight_smile:

Even if they didn’t actually modify the crafting speed, it would allow the creation of a large number of building pieces to be “set it and forget it”. Load up the worktable, queue what you want built, and off you go doing other stuff that is actually fun instead of watching a progress bar on an icon.

Personally, I’d like to see them create an “architect’s drafting board” or whatever as a separate workstation that would only having building materials and related stuff, and move that out of your personal list of stuff to build entirely (with the exception of T1, where you could do make them in your inventory and in the workstation). It would get rid of so very much clutter. And on consoles, the struggle is real because we can’t do quick searches like PC users can.


What platform are you playing on?
and do you play on a server or single player?

Because if you’re playing single play, you can increase crafting speed when you start a new game on the server setup screen.
Just be careful because for crafting lower numbers are faster IE 0.1 is 10x faster than 1.0

Also if single player, and you just want to build, in admin mode ctrl+shift+alt+f10 activates build without consume, so you would only need one of each piece.

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It’s been asked many times before and it would be nice to have something implemented to offload work to and inventory space to get work done as said above as a “set it and forget it”.

Having a named thrall would really ramp up the building speed that can be done while we level thralls and adventure. Save on materials would be great as the thrall would be really efficient. We could still do all the work ourselves as well if need be, doesn’t matter to me.

On a side note when is the upgrade a workstation coming? It was suggested by Funcom like a year ago. It was suppose to upgrade like an altar.

What do you mean ? You can craft an improved version of the main workstations, including the improved tanner. Even if I haven’t yet discovered what it does better than the basic tanner.

It was discussed that you would be able to just upgrade from basic to improved like you do with the altars. So build a blacksmith and then learn the upgrade and put in the requirements and hit a button to upgrade in place to the improved blacksmith. Sorry to detract from the OP.

I like this idea, building blocks on to move is rather slow. When i have a vision of a base, i’d want it come to life a tad faster. Having a thrall in a workbench at construction site would work immersion wise for me to.

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This is a solid idea. Also, if it was mentioned. You wouldn’t have to use just one bench to craft stuff. That alone would cut crafting time tremendously.

You need a 100 foundations, have 4 benches and make 25 in each. 1/4th the total time spent.

Perhaps introduce a new thrall AND a new crafting station?

Builder thrall which only increase craft speed and a Builder’s Bench? Or just a bench without the thrall option like the press or grinder.

I’d also like to see the, in inventory crafting of structure pieces, being able to do in a bench.
Just increasing the craft speed on a sp game or server to craft building pieces faster, kind of breaks other features that are also seen as crafting. For me personally, in particular, thrall breaking.

I think that the idea here is to leave the materials on your working bench, give the order and leave to farm more materials, or do something else :wink:. It is not a bad idea, actually it would be very handy, as long us we wont loose the ability to craft them our own. Merry Christmas dude nice idea

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Nooo I wanna do 'em by hand derp!

More specifically, if you’d rather hear my reasoning instead of just mocking me for having a different opinion, I like to craft building pieces on the move because even though I try to plan my base beforehand and calculate my exact building block needs, it often turns out that I need a few (or a lot of) extra foundation pieces because the ground wasn’t quite as even as I had hoped, or maybe reaching that one ledge was higher than I had anticipated and I need a few extra stairs, etc., so hand-crafting the extra pieces on the construction site is a lot handier than wandering back to wherever my crafting bench is to make more pieces.

Of course, these days most crafting stations can be picked up, so I could just grab my whole crafting station and bring it with me.

Crafting speed is rarely an issue for me, but reducing building block bloat in my inventory crafting menu would be very welcome. But I would not want that bloat into some other existing crafting station instead, so maybe an entirely new “construction workbench” that could be manned by a carpenter thrall would be a solution.


Crafting in inventory should always be possible. Period.

But now it’s the ONLY option which means (for me) that if I want to expand my base, I’d know in advance that I’ll be immobile for 10-20 min before I can start building. This is a demotivating ‘‘issue’’ for me.

The bench would be an answer for mid-/end game purposes in my opinion. This in a way that you can start crafting in the bench and just leave it be and maybe go farm some backup recourse, or go get that one thrall you spotted earlier.

I also plan ahead when I want to build a new base or expand my existing one. Mainly due to server rule, ‘‘one base per player or clan’’. I don’t think that a lot of players share this as I see a sh*t ton of sandstone bases in the highlands and up.

Just FYI, there’s different settings for crafting speed (ItemConvertionMultiplier), thrall breaking speed (ThrallCraftingTimeMultiplier) and animal training time (AnimalPenCraftingTimeMultiplier). So it’s possible to increase the crafting speed while leaving the time it takes to break thralls as-is.

Just an observation, but the last stream talked about economy, the animation slow down, and overall harvesting rates as on the list to adjust. It seems they are going to try and actually slow down the rate at which one can build, so having a station would be counter to that thought process by them (Funcom). I would have to delve thru the stream, but I am sure what they are trying to do is slow down spamming builds in general, which will effect normal building. Not that i agree, but just informing that wanting a new station for off loading the crafting time for efficiency is probably not going to happen because of how they are trying to bulk up the difficulty, outside of PC mod that is.

but nobody ever said ya shouldent, as implied by the derp. if i were gonna mock u itd be over ur weird profile pic 8P

If that’s what they’re really shooting for by “rebalancing” the economy (making it more expensive in time and resources to build) then they should simply impose building limits instead. I know they have been highly resistant to that idea, for whatever reason, but increasing the build grind is not the way to go here. Building itself can be fun. Increasing the harvesting and construction grind? Not fun. Not even a little bit.