Please make construction pieces also craftable in a crafting station

I would realy like this for when im building big upgrades to my building. I dont want inventory crafting to go away at all but just as with twine and silk please make construction pieces craftable in one of the crafting stations.


The Answer: The Architects Bench!

Continuing the discussion from A few station suggestions:

I like your idea better Blyker as it is an alternative to crafting in your inventory vs. changing the way it’s done. An architect bench is an awesome idea by @Grinder, you could craft all building pieces even extra pieces (given there’s room) for future projects, in one bench. Something like this is needed so you don’t have to crawl across the map gathering while carrying walls and rock! I harvested too much rock, but I’m not throwing it away to collect it again. :rofl: You could just deposit resources, craft and return to the job site to build/upgrade after exploring or whatever.

It would be sweet if it would look like some Conan Exiles time period small crane with drawing plans bench with under construction on it somewhere and tools shown on it. It doesn’t need to be huge but at least as big as the improved blacksmiths bench would be nice. Put a thrall (taskmaster, blacksmith, carpenter) in there for speed and we are good to build! Exiles art team can come up with something fantastic for sure.

:eyes: Looking forward to seeing these UPGRADABLE crafting stations the devs talked about soon too! My carpenter’s bench has no space!


I would almost prefer it to replace crafting building pieces from your inventory – with all the regular T1-3 + Khitan, Aquilonian, and Frontier building pieces, scrolling through my hand-craftable list is getting cumbersome and ridiculous. Perhaps regular old sandstone remains as a hand-craft option (as well as in an architects bench), but all the T2-3 and DLC building materials need to be crafted at the architects bench.

Sure, I may miss being able to build a few pieces here and there on the fly, but overall I would be happier with a more manageable handcraft recipe list.


Exactly, place it in the dirt or place it on some nearby foundations! The job site! Your choice given decay. Makes more sense then carrying the pieces around and building them in your imaginary backpack to me.

I’d place it in the dirt and then build and be done by the time it expires… …or put it in a shack you built out of sandstone and thatch roof. Primitive should still be an option by hand.

This is not what i meant guys. I mean next to what we can do now allow it to be made at a crafting station as well. It would allow offline crafting and less waiting for things to be made for me then when i have to just stand there waiting till my next batch of walls is made in inventory


I understood what you meant. But offered my own variation, which is what my preference would be if they made this change. The architect workbench is a great idea.

I’d be fine with a sub-menu for building pieces, anything to clear up that cluster f*** of handmade recipes. But I also like the idea of the architect bench – makes sense the thralls can help you create the building blocks for your base.

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An architects bench sound nice. Maybe you can reduce the crafting costs with a thrall too, like the Artisan Table.
But for Balance I suggest the Buildings Pieces should getting 30% more expensive.

I’m agree with this part

I don’t know, I don’t feel like this game needs to be made any harder in the beginning, but easier at the end, which is what just about any suggestion along these lines will do.

I mean I understand the logic behind “progression”, especially since it works that way in most other parts of the game, but the difficulty curve already levels out quite dramatically the closer to max level one gets.

I really like that idea because the inventory crafting is spammed with all those building parts!

As most people do a sandstonelayout first (at least I dont know a single person who doesnt - except for when in admin mode), sandstone staying in inventory crafting would be sufficient. A small shack can be built right on the run, thats enough.

However I dont know wether a thrallslot would be a good idea. Sure, theoretically black ice and any else t3 would become more on par, but instead raiding becomes too imbalanced. (Though if Funcom were to drastically reduce bombcost OR rise the bombdamage - then it’s a whole other story.)

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If an architects bench is introduced (or something along those lines) I would agree that it should have a thrall station – a carpenter would suffice to fill it. I would also agree that with a thrall stationed there the craft time and resources should be reduced depending on the thrall’s tier – just like all other thrall crafting stations.

I’ve long hoped for a “building perk” for players, that decreased hand-craft times and/or reduced hand-craft materials such as what we get with the higher tier thralls in crafting stations. In the absence of such a perk, I’d be happy with reduced craft times and reduced craft materials associated with thralls being stationed at an architects work bench.

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I am not really enamored with making building materials cheaper. Why am i not enamored with that is because it would more or less force people to build their building resources in that station instead of in their inventory.
The reason for me to start this thread was to have an alternative to the inventory crafting that we now have.

I can live with crafting it faster because lets be real if the crafting would go to slow with 1 crafting station we would just build a couple more of them to compensate just that.

May I just add that Thralls do impact building construction costs already, albeit indirectly: The carpenter for the wood (insulated/shaped) and the blacksmith for the reinforcements (iron/steel). The smelter only impacts speed and fuel burn, which while useful is not as directly noticeable as the straight-up material cost reduction of the others.

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