Building bench for faster craft!

Hello everyone,

Please make us a building bench for building stuff like foundations. This would be to get building structures out of the inventory and make crafting them faster.

Only sandstone should be craftabel in the player inventory. Sandstone and everything else should be crafted in this crafting station.

I don’t know if you want to be able to make Flawless and exceptional building pieces but the better thrall is good enough for just giving faster crafting speed. You could use the carpenter has a thrall in this bench.

Please also add a window for the small window holes in the window frame :slight_smile:

I would also be happy with some folders for building pieces so it’s easy to find them.

What do you guys think about this suggestion?
Please like if you want this, like i do :slight_smile:


yes pls, it takes AGES to scroll to the whole building menu


No please ! No more benches.

Do you have a better suggestion then?

I really think that it would make a lot of sense and help making the inventory experience better.

Yes! This!! Then I would buy season2 pass :smiley:

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Tabs in the crafting menu will work a lot better than a new bench. Enabling the use of mouse and keyboard for console user, since XBox and PS4 fully support both. Then the same UI could be used on the 3 platforms.
When I build I won’t be forced to use a bench to craft T2 and T3 parts. I want to continue being able to craft the parts I need on the fly. Because every time I’ve build since I started playing in April, I’ve had to destroy because I misplaced or because it doesn’t look as I expected. A construction bench is not practical for people like me who often make mistakes before getting it right.


The thing is that crafting overburdens you when crafting structures. The crafts are really slow, as they should be but it’s still annoying when you walk around. This forces you to sit in base watching youtube, while you are waiting for the crafts to finish in your inventory.

Misplace structures is another issue when you play. There should be a 15 sec cd for pickup on building structures. That would help if you misplace.

I do not think they would like to generalize the controls for the different platforms. Since they already created controller controls and all that.

Tabs for all the crafting stuff is a really great idea tho :slight_smile:

its not just buildings. The whole crafting menu sucks. love when I want to craft anything that starts with a letter at the end of the alphabet.

Tabs would be great.

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I agree with Wolfrider4594 here. A workbench would be tied to a single spot, which would mean you’d have to bring one with you to wherever you want to build. Inventory/Crafting menu tabs for better organization of craftable stuff would follow you everywhere.

Whenever I start building a new base I just bring whatever materials I want to use and craft the actual building blocks on the spot, because that way I can adapt to unforeseen issues and change my plans on the fly, rather than have an excess of building blocks I won’t be using after all.

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I support the idea of having a specific bench to build specific buildings

I also think if people don’t want to place a bench, taking up land, players can also have an option to place a Wall Blueprint, that can be interacted with and when you craft items inside the blueprint menu, the items produced will go directly into the players inventory so you can walk and enqueue building supplies

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