Mason crafting table idea. (Get building pieces out of my inventory)

With all of the new content it seems that the inventory crafting menu is cluttered with building pieces such as walls, foundations, and ceilings. i would love to see a new crafting bench that moves all of this junk out of the characters crafting menu. it would make crafting other things easier as you don’t have to sift thru everything. you could instead go to a crafting bench (mason table?) to build these.


I like it, I find the crafting menu a bit large sometimes and it hard to figure out where something is. Wall torches are in the artisan bench but i can build walls in my inventory, that just doesn’t seem right

I would rather have a bench for building parts and not for furniture

Also in the admin panel all the dlc stuff shows up on the misc tab, not in buildings or gear etc like it should, makes it hard to find the things you are looking for.

You would have to make an exception for when people are low level and first building their sandstone structures. Nobody wants to build a bench before they build a floor to put it on.


Agreed. Simmilar to the camp fire and the improved camp fire. Either that or allow only sandstone building pieces in the characters menu.

could also make the carpenter thralls reduce building costs or speed up building time.

I do not like this idea as I usually end up crafting more pieces than I had planned and having them on a bench means I would continuously running back to the bench to make another of this or that.

Example: putting roofs on - a piece snaps in the wrong way.
Currently: destroy it, craft another, place it correctly … no need to move
With a bench: destroy it, climb down off roof … run to bench … craft it … run back to building …climb up onto roof … place roof piece correctly
This would get old really fast and every time you ran out of pieces you would curse Funcom for putting building pieces on a bench with a limited inventory, when instead you can have a huge amounts of resources on you (even without emcumbrance at 50) and make as you go/need.

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i see what you mean but the excessive amount of building pieces in the character crafting menu is a problem… perhaps an item you can carry which enables the crafting recipes for the building pieces then…

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