Mason Thralls + Benches

We really need something like this to clean up the Handcraft menu. It’s severely bloated by the time you get T3 masonry, not to mention pretty costly.

So why not Masons as part of the official game? There are some mods that do this to alleviate things, but it’s really something Funcom should have put in by now.

The Handcraft menu really should just be the simplest of crafting. Flotsam stuff, rough things you can make by hand without any real tools.

You could then have Mason Table for the T1-T3 standard projects and one table for each of the DLC groups. An Improved/Garrison version as well for cost reduction.

It feels like a massive QoL thing, because the current menu interfaces (even on Stations) are just awful.

If nothing else, an entire interface rework to widen the crafting one on the far right and expand it to more columns so more stuff is easily visible, and better sorting or filtering options.

lol I think this post came a bit too late


Better late than never, on both counts! xD

I think it’d still be nice to have a Masonry bench with the same reductions as the others.

+33% speed and -25% cost on the Improved
-50% cost on the Garrison

To help reduce building costs.

Sandstone Foundation costs 35 Stone and 5 Wood.

Stonebrick is 10 Bricks, 4 Shaped Wood, and 7 Iron Reinforcements.

That’s 100 Stone, 20 Wood for the Shaped, and 14 Ironstone with the Garrison versions of the Carpenter/Blacksmith stations.
With a Garrison Mason Bench, that would just be reduced to 50 Stone, 10 Wood, and 7 Ironstone, however.

The costs just keep creeping higher and higher, when masonry should be treated the same as anything else using a station that can get -50% cost reduction.

But it’s like building itself is meant to be super difficult. Like you can get methods to craft cheap armor, weapons, or other stuff. But you’re discouraged from building due to prohibitive costs.

So it feels like it punishes those who play solo, where clans have it so much easier.

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