Architect feat for carpenters bench

…to create building parts on the bench

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot myself too and I would love for there to be a separate station to automate the crafting of construction pieces like some sort of masonry station.

If at all though, I feel the crafting thralls should just speed up the crafting of said pieces further and not reduce the cost to craft them as we already have enough ways to reduce the cost of crafting building pieces.

Maybe Tier 4 Mason’s could give access to new building styles and furniture?

They would need to add a new bench/table, as you would have (with a T4 carpenter) 50% resource reduction…
No one would ever built anything on its own anymore.

A resource consumption reduction isn’t necessary, we have 3 sets of thralls already doing that and resources are fairly easy enough to come by as is. Not to mention the game already has a problem with hoarding and laggy mega structures, we don’t need to make it any worse.

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