Construction Workbench

As someone who is building a lot, i wonder if there is any reason, why no construction/archtict workbench exists. It would be a great QoL improvement, if i could prefabricate building pieces in a workbench instead of having to carry around the mats and idling while producing the pieces.


You want to run back and forth to make more when you building?
We build towers, and lots of them, way a top spires. You have to make a scaffold, just to get to the top. You think it is time effective to climb up and down just to bring mats up to build?
Now we will need a conveyor system to bring mats to the build site.


I think that would be a fair trade-off if you had a thrall producing the pieces for you at a discount. Higher tier thralls make things using fewer mats, as well as faster, right? Bigger structures, cheaper, faster. Worth the “inconvenience”, imo.

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If the pieces menu for the construction bench were to be as disorganized as the menu we have now that would be more of a drawback. I do like the idea of giving the job to thralls though.

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I am not saying instead of but additionaly. Once I have the layout done, I know pretty well how many construction pieces i need. But for the bulk production, i could just chuck the mats in a bench, do something else and come back when they are done

I’m afraid a discount for building materials would be incredibly unbalanced. Unlike weapons and armor, of which we need only a limited number, we need thousands of building pieces. If we could have a crafting thrall with a speed bonus and material discount compatable to other artisan thralls, Bob the Builder thralls would immediately become the single most valuable resource in the game.

Back in the day the logistics of running back and forth may have balanced this idea, but now that we can pick up crafting stations, you can just plop one wherever you’re building, and when you’re moving on to build those bedrooms in the east wing, you can take the crafting station with you.

(Also, being the klutz that I am, I tend to misplace my building pieces and end up having to blow up parts of my houses, so I often need to craft a handful of building blocks on the spot.)

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