More options for stairs+ a specialized bench for crafting building pieces

  1. I would love to see inverted stair corner pieces in Conan Exiles.

We have a full set of roof pieces, in the case of stairs, an inverted corner piece is the only piece we need to have a full set of stair pieces.

  1. I would also love to have the option to craft an extra workbench that crafts specifically building pieces, possibly with lower costs than usual to make it more appealing to craft.

You could call it the Architect Table or the drafting table! I’ve been dabbling into bigger and bigger builds recently, and have noticed that you’re super handicapped while crafting 200+ building materials in your inventory. You’re usually super over encumbered, and you have to wait 15+ minutes before you can craft anything else in your inventory. Most of the time I go AFK and let my pieces finish up when I’m building something. I figured this suggestion was a stretch since there’s no other tables that act like it in the game, but I would love to see it.

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If it’s an add you have in mind (to have a table dedicated but continuing being able to build handcrafted) I totally agree.

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Exactly, you’d still be able to craft all building pieces in your inventory, but later down the line when maybe you’re building bigger structures, you can craft a workbench that crafts building pieces just so your inventory isn’t so clogged up. In a perfect world, I’m thinking it could be unlocked along with the tier 2 structures maybe, and I’d love to be able to put a thrall on it to maybe reduce craft time and lower the material crafting cost (possibly just a carpenter thrall, I see no reason to create a whole new thrall type for it).

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I think that could be a bit OP if it’s at lower cost but they could test that. But a bench at high cost and probably also large size could help immensely when building large bases or if you’re playing singleplayer and dont want to spawn buildings in.
The OP-ness comes into play when the cost and time needed is lowered to a point where a small harvest run would be enough to build 1000+ building pieces. But otherwise it’s a great idea.

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I’m not sure all the roofing options, awnings, or ramps (which I sometimes like to use as roof pieces, depending on their aesthetic) have inverted corners either…unless I missed some way to do those. But yes, I agree – would love to see those. I assume by “inverted” you just mean corners that allow for ‘inside’ corners, rather than always ‘outside’ corners. This would allow stairs and roof pieces for an inside courtyard, or for more complicated twists and turns, not just the usual external-facing stairs and roof pieces.

In some ways, I’d like all building pieces higher than Tier 1 to require some kind of builder/design bench. It always seemed a bit far-fetched to me that a person was crafting marble foundations and others kinds of buildings without any kind of workbench. Even sandstone, to me, seems a bit far-fetched. I’d like to see something even more rudimentary than sandstone that people could make without much in the way of tools or workstations. Maybe adobe / mud / stick huts, with stick and layered palm leaf roofs…? We could call it Tier 0. :wink:

I don’t care so much about the stairs or whatever, but I would like to see that bench implemented.