Suggested New Workbench: Builder Depot

I’ve seen some discussion regarding the new construction system. One issue that seems to bother some people is the change from having to carry finished blocks and decorations gathered from the various benches to carrying the raw materials instead.

Perhaps a new bench may facilitate this. the idea is a bench at which any crafter thrall can be stationed at to function as a construction handyman or material courier for the player. Raw materials placed inside become available for use with the construction hammer anywhere on that land claim.

Multiple tiers could impact appearance and material capacity. Without a thrall, functions as a large oddly shaped storage container.

Suggested sizes LxWxH
Tier 1: 1 block (1x1x1)
Tier 2: 2 block (1x2x1 or 1x2x2)
Tier 3: 3-4 block (1x3x2 or L shape 2x2x2)

Just trying to brainstorm something here.
Perhaps the type of thrall added could also mean an associated bench could benefit from the depot. Add a carpenter, and the wood working bench can tap materials stored within as well. maybe that is a feature that requires higher tier depot and/or thrall.

Quickly gets complex.

Hopefully this is useful in some manner.


I realy love the idea!

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Highly encouged ya to get into modding and see if you can create this… obviously it would be better for funcom. But taking inspiration from popular mod is something they do as well.

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