A builder's crafting bench


A bench that is required to craft T2+ building blocks:

  • makes crafting menu less cluttered;
  • adds a possibility to introduce a new thrall type (reduces costs and crafting speed).

For future updates:

A builder’s bench and builder thralls will allow to implement new features into the game in the future:

  • above cost and time reduce, T3-T4 thralls add more HP to building blocks (or even stability if this won’t ruin the servers);
  • unique building recipes scattered around the world in different cultures (build a darfari tent or nordeimer shack);
  • bulk buildings (a premade base or a foundation made of building blocks that a player can craft and place in two steps)

I know this’ve been discussed a lot but I really think that this is a great idea (kudos to whoever posted it first here) and the MVP part can be implemented relatively quick. Devs, please!


AMEN! Why in the world do we not have Mason thrills? Take the crafting of building materials out of our hands and keep it consistent with the rest of the game. 100% Agree with this.

Right now you need to craft all the good stuff in a bench…but literally the one thing that WOULD need a specialist (a mason worker) - we just toss it together by hand? Makes NO SENSE to me.

You are spot on. Yes, you should be able to still build your bases the way you want BUT there should also be like a recipe for some structures. Like: Build a Blacksmith Shop. 5,000 Hardened Brick, 250 Steel Reinforcements, 300 Shaped wood, and 400 Twine.

After a crafting period…Boom, you have a building you can plop down.

Yes! Someone please hear this idea.




There is a mod for that already, though for all building pieces. I wish this was incorporated into the base game, the inventory can get really cluttered as you said. The mod also made my average FPS rise when my inventory is opened because for some reason, all the displayed building items in the list dropped my FPS by a lot.
If you play SP though it might be worth to check it out (Builders Workbench in the Workshop).

I would support this. The Handcrafting menu on consoles doesnt have a search bar, and it is becoming insanely cluttered. This is getting progressively worse with each DLC, and becomes worse again If we acquire/max out our Feats using fragments and tablets. Many people on PC dont realise just how bad this is getting. There is so much scrolling just to build a bedroll, or a campfire (which should really be moved to the top of the menu like silk and twine).

If we moved T2 and T3 building pieces from the Handcrafting menu to a crafting station, suddenly we would go from having to scroll through 14 full sets of building pieces down to just 1. Funcom please consider either this or something else. Consoles need a hand here.


This has been suggested before. I totally agree and since they didn’t do it the first 20 times someone asked I say just keep asking anyway.


This is a good point. However I believe that limiting good folks in gameplay features just because bad guys could abuse it - is a bad practice. Abusers will abuse.


I’m playing on PS4. Crafting menu is pain.


No one said make it cheaper OR faster. We said take it out of our hands and give it to a thrall.

This already happens. So, you know what you do? BLOW IT UP. We have people on our server try to spam everything too. We take them out as soon as possible. BTW, land claims can be done with the technique you mention now. So, this wouldn’t be any change.

AMEN! This game gives you the ability to take out foundation spammers and such if you’re willing to do the work to stop them. It’s easy to find these bases. Find them, take them out.

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I haven’t seen it suggested that a new thrall be added and the skills be transferred over to a crafting bench yet. I’ve seen them talk about the cluttered crafting menu but this is not the same. If we make enough noise, they will hear us. Keep this post alive and tag anyone you know that is part of funcom or the development team so this is heard.

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Adding a builder thrall is so distant future, and not a general part of a solution to reduce crafting menu clutter, but don’t dump this idea so quickly. Let’s compare steps that player must go to build something now vs. builder’s bench vs. builder’s bench + thrall.


  1. Pick up resources
  2. Craft building blocks
  3. Build

Builder’s bench:

  1. Pick up resources
  2. Craft a builder’s bench
  3. Hand resources over to the crafting bench
  4. Craft building blocks
  5. Take building blocks from the bench
  6. Build

Builder’s bench + thrall

  1. Pick up resources
  2. Craft a builder’s bench
  3. Hand resources over to the crafting bench
  4. Catch a thrall
  5. Convert the thrall in the wheel of pain (add here all the steps and time required to build the wheel, catch a taskmaster, make food for thralls, etc)
  6. Assign thrall to the builder’s bench
  7. Craft building blocks
  8. Take building blocks from the bench
  9. Build

Three steps vs Nine+ steps… Not that much of a reduction, isn’t it?

And still… griefers will grief. One shouldn’t build game mechanics around griefing prevention. Let’s remove chat because people will send nasty words to each other. Let’s remove emotions because those can be mean. Let’s remove nudity because adult players can have children’s that might see a ■■■. Let’s not make the game better for players because it will make the game better for griefers. Never do this. Fun should come first.


Ahh… Okay. No, I think it should actually be more expensive for predesigned buildings.

This is true. People are just a-holes and the only solution for the other modes is that they have to be moderated. On PVP, we don’t have that problem. Yes, we have spammers, but we can just blow up and hit their foundations to break the continuity.

I suppose what you could do is lure them out to fight and just keep killing them. Make being there such a pain in the butt that they leave. Don’t know if you can do that but there is a reason I only play PVP. IMHO, it makes NO SENSE to play where someone can literally build without restriction or retaliation.

I beg to differ. Griefers make the game incredibly fun. THEY are the REASON I have people to attack. If I’m on a server full of friends, I have no one to fight. And no, games should not base decisions on what people may intentionally do wrong.

Agreed Lion, if people want to drop down builds really quickly they already pretty much can. Stack up on full encumbrance attributes and load up on foundations.

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This is honestly a very good idea. For the people concerned about pve / pvp maybe make it so it can not function unless you are online in the world. I like this idea because I play sandbox, I like to build without restrictions or having my base vanish while I’m gone and menus are getting extremely cluttered now as I have all the dlc. I’m working on slowly building different types of bases in the parts of the world that they’d rpishly fit in.


This. ^ I am right behind you on this one 3LION. If we are going to have to start basing game designs around what griefers might do then we have already lost. So do we now have to start removing existing features, and witholding new ones because they might be used for spamming and griefing??

Sandstone foundations can be spammed and affect server performance, vaults can be spammed and negatively affect server performance, lighting can be spammed and affect server performance, thralls can be spammed and affect server performance (for now). There were recently calls to remove all chairs from the game because of giefing. And does anyone remember when there were calls to stop bringing out anymore placeables because they might be spammed and it could impact server performance? Now there is even a reluctancy to add in Armor Manequinns because (among other things) ‘if tons and tons of them’ are spammed it might negatively affect server performance. I dont buy this logic. Any of us has the potential to be involved in an automobile accident on the way home from work, which has the actual real life potential to be harmful or fatal. But does that mean we should stop building new cars, or remove existing ones…? Of course not.

The beauty of the situation is that we now have rules and bans in place which can be enacted in response to spamming and griefing. I suggest we use them, as opposed to witholding or removing features.


A builder’s bench where I can throw my plant fiber into it and craft a 1000 twine while I go do something else, other then wait for an half an hour because im over encumbered…Awesome
A builders bench where I can throw my mats in and craft a 100 foundation block and walls and go do something else, other then wait around because im over…enc…Awesome.

Build a bench hunt for a new T4 thrall awesome this is why I play the GAME…its not a job to me!!


I am in for a builder’s bench (or a Stone Mason Worktable (SMW)); the menu has excessive scrolling to find the item I want to build. I would also like to free up my inventory when I craft large amount of foundations, walls, etc. Instead of just standing around. Twine would be great too.

I suggest insulated wood structures should be built in the Carpenters Bench and stone I items should be crafted at the SMW. Instead of decreasing costs for higher tier thrall at the workstation I suggest It requires a T2 thrall to craft T2 buildings T3 for T3 buildings and a T4 thrall can craft specialty items such as a Darfari Tent, nordhiemer lodge, etc

This may be going too far but i think T1 should also go to the bench also. All the player could be able to craft is a tent or a crude shelter after we are not stone masons.


You can craft twine in the armorer’s bench )