Enable the crafting of construction items in carpenter's bench

Can we have the crafting of items such as walls, ceilings, foundations, pillars, etc. enabled in the carpenter’s bench window? It’s kind of a hassle to put materials in it to build some building stuffs that require the carpenter, just to take them out again & over encumber yourself to build some others for the whole period of crafting stuffs that the carpenter should be making in the first place.

Hello, and welcome to the community.

This topic is a popular one and has been suggested many times before. It’s commonly accepted that the crafting menu is over-bloated because of the many building pieces, especially with the DLCs unlocked, so various crafting benches have been suggested as a possible solution.

However, an opposing argument (which I kinda agree with) has been that this would limit building because you’d need to plan your construction very carefully in advance, or you’d need to go back and forth to your bench whenever you ruin aceiling piece by misplacing it, or need to alter your plans on the fly. When I build a house, I pre-make some essential building blocks, such as foundations and basic walls, but bring most of the materials with me to the construction site so I can craft whichever building blocks I need on the spot.

Then there’s the additional matter that a carpenter thrall reduces crafting costs of items at the bench, so building block crafting costs would need to be adjusted to account for this. I’m not sure if it’s possible to add items to a workbench that would not be subject to thrall discounts.

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