Mason tables for building

Mason Thrall and mason table. All it does it makes building pieces. Thrall level increases speed but not costs. That way you can get your building pieces made without you being encumbered


Yes. Yes.

I have to go to my Artisan’s Table to build a chair, but I can build and carry a whole castle in my pocket. A mason or construction table would allow me to start crafting and run off, in the same way I can start my furnace and go do other things.

I agree with this idea. It would be nice to have a mason’s workshop that could make building elements. And maybe have new construction recipes.

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One table for each dlc style. It would release us from the mess of building pieces in our inventory.

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Builder’s Workbench Reborn

It is a mod that does as you wish but if on official then of course this is not a solution for you.

OR for space/aesthetic design sake, the basic default T3 would be there, but like the artisan, the DLC ones would be tied to thier respective tables.

Only issue, is would sandstone be the only one not in the table. On PVP, we have to be able to build with out it being looted.


True .Just moving the dlcs to a bench would be great alot of scrolling to find things now. And I think it should be doable on console as a option perhaps.

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Heck I would pay for the option.

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