Crafting menu filter is broken on console

I posted this in the Xbox patch comments but figured it could use its own topic

The filter option for the crafting menu is broken on Xbox (and maybe ps4?)

When you filter the crafting menu as soon as you move the stick it returns to the top and does not move the filtered crafting items to the top like the main left side inventory filter does

If this was fixed to work like the main inventory’s filter it would be a big help to us on consoles to save us scrolling thru a large convoluted crafting menu.

I believe the devs intended it to work like the main inventory filter but currently it just highlights the filtered option without moving the cursor down to them or moving the filtered items to the top of the menu.

Any chance this could also be looked into in this patch? Thank you

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What the crafting menus need IMO is being laid out similar to the Feats tab, each section accessed with RB / LB, DLC’s should have there own individual tab, player built items (benches, weapons etc) on another. This would cut the scrolling down considerably, maybe even add a tab for favourite / recently crafted items as well.


At ps4, we have the same issues.
Since I got almost every dlc, when I want to find anything I need to scroll down like forever, every time. But, for some reason I can’t figure out, PC players have better tools, like type search. Why is different from us? Idk.

Console has a search but its only on the last tab that shows all the items.
However this is only from the feats menu not the crafting menu.

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