Crafting menu tabs

So I’m liking how things are better organized in the crafting menu however having to scroll past the building material to get to bed rolls and such…however is there a way we can get tabs like the feats menu has. Just a thought.

The way i’d like it to work is when you select a inventory filter instead of highlighting a type it should only show that type then we can just select the type we want and that’s all we see in the list, a simple fix to a huge problem but you’d still have a massive building list to get through so we’d need sub filters to sort by tier/name.

I used that “filter” for sorting purposes before funcom added dimming, I find it useless now.

As far as filtering goes, you can always start typing in search and filter items, regardless if you want to put them in other inventory with give all or you just want to add them in hotbar. Not perfect but it is simple and it works.

pc’s laugh in the face of consoles inability to use the search function :rofl:

A lot of games support typing with controller, I assumed conan exiles supported it as well since you know, there are signs, papers and even bio. Now I wonder why is search button hidden in inventory with controller…

Looks like my logic is not logical anymore

Game dev’s should just give consoles kbm support whenever a game is available on pc with kbm support and let the players decide what input device to use.

It’s odd that there’s no search feature in the inventory screen even though we can write signs and stuff. Even the map has a working marking feature. :laughing:

I would love a proper filter. It would be awesome to actually use voice commands to highlight items or even draw an item on our touch pad for the character to start making it.

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