A small change, but big impact?

Hey there,

So I know people keep complaining about the InventoryCrafting Menu Sorting System and I think it can be done with features already in the game. Instead of Clicking the “Weapons” Filter Button and having the Items become Greyed Out, can’t we have them be set to hidden? I’ve been going through the Dev Kit to try and make this into a Mod, but it seems it’s going to require someone more talented then I.

Ki :slight_smile:


It would be a start, but at the moment insufficient. Considering the vast about of building parts brought by the DLCs, the vast majority of the Crafting menu consists of building blocks. Filtering out the handful of hand-crafted weapons and armors is not doing much to make the menu more easily navigable.

The absolutely best solution would be customizeable tabs where we could organize the crafting recipes in whichever order we choose, because each of us has a slightly different preference to how things should be organized. But I understand making options is always more difficult and time-consuming than making one feature that fits all.

Until there’s tabs in the crafting menu I found the best way, in solo / coop games, is to only buy the building when you need to build something while levelling. It saves feats points for other feats more useful. And with admin mode it’s easy to re-spec your feats when you need to build something.

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