Sort crafting menu

I know they have changed the crafting screen a bit (resorted em etc) but can we just get craft menus instead?

So building is under building (even list T1 - T4 under building) and so forth?
I know its not that hard to scroll all the way through to find what you want, but it would be easier / better to go into the blacksmith and look under 2h weapons to find what you want, or goto blacksmith and look under mod / enhancements for the weapon / tool mods…


The same problem I have described in my post also.

I urge every (console-) player to describe the issues with the menu here. The hope is that the more you comment on the problem, the sooner it will be resolved.


I dont know why this was not in the game from launch to be honest, but it was not as bad back then.
Now we have all this new stuff they have added in updates and dlcs etc.

Yeah, the current filters aren’t very helpful, because the “building items” category contains all building blocks, DLC building blocks, placeables, etc. Of course, if you need anything except building items, the filter is better… but usually it’s the “right-sloping inverted insulated wood wedge wall piece” or whatever I’m looking for.

Ideally, we could get customizeable tabs in which we could organize the recipes however we want. Now that would be some quality-of-life update.

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