Separate Crafting to its own tab from the Inventory

The crafting menu becomes a huge list when you are high level with DLCs. The sorting options are not helpful in navigating the list (I’m actually curious on the statistics of how many people actually use that sorting functionality). If the crafting menu were to be another tab, separate from inventory and equipment, the interface could be overhauled to provide better filters, sorting, and organization of craftable objects. With the additional real estate, a better preview could be provided for craftable items, particularly weapons and such, that shows statistics for that item before it is crafted. If that could then be translated on to the crafting tables, as well, that’d be fantastic (it’s a real pain in the but to have to look at the wiki to know what an item’s stats are before crafting it so you don’t blow materials on something you don’t need). Better filtering and sorting would allow for finding craftable items without just having non-results show up greyed-out. The overall UX for this section could be so much better (it’s what I do professionally so it’s just so hard not to point it out).

This may even help with some resource allocation. The crafting menu wouldn’t have to be loaded at the same time as the user’s equipment and inventory, potentially lowering the amount of resources the hardware has to dedicate to opening the menu (especially since it’s the first screen opened in the menu).


I very much agree with this, crafting having its own window and showing more information about the crafted item would be extremely helpful, and could be bound to a key similar to m for map so that inventory, and crafting, are not loading at the same time unless in the crafting window

Considering most of the crashes happen when my inventory is pulled up, having this on a tab/different button such as how map is, might possibly reduce the number of times this game crashes in any given 10 minute span. Which would be nice.

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yes, and while they’re at it, give us a crafting station where we can queue up building pieces…

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In dev stream they said they are working on it and will hopefully come out soon there was also mentioned more crafting stations


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