Crafting Clutter

When crafting the hand crafting items, the items you’re crafting get in the way of the menu. Have it be like the crafting stations. You can see it crafting in the bottom right, but it doesn’t take up space on your screen or obstruct your view.

The Handcrafting needs a drastic overhaul.

Mainly the sort feature needs to REMOVE the non-applicable items. The way it works in the Feats tab when you search and all of the ones that don’t fit the search parameter are removed. This would go a long way towards making the Handcrafting menu more accessible.

The sort should ideally be setup with all DLC craftable stuff in a single group. Normal building pieces in a group. Tools/Weapons in a group. Consumables/etc in a group. Station placeables in a group.

Do that and handcrafting would be so much better and not the trainwreck it is now. Need to get rid of the way it just highlights stuff.



Just add tabs to the crafting menus


In theory it works. In practice this would require alteration of the button layouts.

L1/R1 are used on the Inventory screen already. L2/R2 switch between primary tabs and are unusable.

A dropdown that you could select would work. Move to it, click, select a group, and only those get displayed.

If you wanted tabs, I would say you need to include a new tab in the main group: Crafting

Have the inventory altered to increase character size for detail. Immediately to the right of this tab would now be Crafting.

One tab per group. You would then have the items on the left side of the screen, and on the right side, a more detailed view of the items. Maybe display their info in the upper right, and in the lower right put their stats. (ie, what it costs to make them, weight, function, etc)

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Just use L3 and R3. Their current use is a waste of a button.


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