A New Tab for CRAFTING!

Please for the love of all gods…

UI update that removes Crafting on the Inventory Screen and Creates a New “Crafting” Tab.

Maybe to the right of Feats.

[Inventory - Attributes - Feats - CRAFTING - Stats - Journey - Clan - Map]

Then in Crafting separate building items by Utility, Weapons & Armor, DLC 1, DLC 2, etc…

Even copying the Feats UI screen but for player crafted items with the crafting bar etc… would be a significant improvement.

Scrolling through tons of items that get mixed between stuff is just annoying.


Definitely needed. When you have all dlc seems to take forever scrolling through add the fact many items look alike and others are misplaced.

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Yes, I want this too. I think everyone does.

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Crafting on consoles must be a drag, not so much on pc when you can fast type the name of what you want to craft, but still


Agree. Most of us on console have said or supported this before at some time or another. I know that we as a community throw the word ‘need’ around a little haphazardly at times. But we really do need menu improvements! It is QoL 101 for console players at the moment.


For the love Ishtars bossoms why wasn’t this always a thing. I agree. Make it so!!!


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