Crafting tab misplacement & solution

Hi all, new to the community here names Zeosurge! Since I started playing I loved the game, tons of playability lots to do ect,. One issue I’ve noticed which could be a super easy fix is the accessibility to crafting on consoles specifically ps4 for me.

The crafting page is smashed into the inventory and character page tab in the menu. Now I am only a player and absolutely boast no programming skills but! For my suggestion; why not have the STATS reworked onto the character inventory page and move the crafting to its OWN TAB, with the addition of a hot key on the Dpad.

One of the more difficult things is having to navigate through a ton of recipes to find the one I am looking for, I think having crafting on its own tab, with sub tabs for catagorial buildings would benefit any player on console 10 fold, hands down.


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