Crafting menu: sticky menu position, tabs

Game mode: Online | Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: America | Any

This is a “feature” (unless implemented properly). Simply, the top of the craft menu should look more like the admin panel where it has tabs to separate types of menu items. Then, the menu cursor should restart where it was last positioned, where closed last. (Don’t mistake this as making the menu items look the same as the admin panel, list vs tiles)

The top of the crafting menu could have tabs to help delineate types of menu items, “build”, “gear”, “misc”, “all”, etc. There could be sub-tabs that separate “build” into tiers. Ultimately, it would only show items for that tab.

Merely opening and closing the craft menu should keep the cursor on the same item. Often, someone closes it to get the right resources. For example, opening another inventory (like a chest) to get the resources. Then, that someone reopens the craft menu expect the cursor to be where it was last when closed. Instead, time is wasted searching for the item, again (step 7 below).

Opening the on screen keyboard is just breaking the immersion (UX), especially when searching for items. While easy to do on the pc, the consoles need the stickiness to help avoid the keyboard.

Instead of the sort-by option, it could activate the next tab, likewise, with the same controller action.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. open crafting menu
  2. scroll down and select an item from the menu
  3. close menu (i.e. not enough resources)
  4. open menu again
  5. notice the craft menu fully resets with cursor at top
  6. scroll down again to find previous item
  7. repeat 3-6 until crafted or canceled

Hello @Dzonatas, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, it has been registered for the developers to consider.

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