UI - I know it's cut, but here would be my suggestion for Crafting UI to be less cumbersome

A Crafting tab option added to the current tabs when viewing inventory.
This would allow more recipes to be seen, as currently the space displaying the character is in my opinion dead space when it comes to crafting, allowing more recipes to be displayed at once (while keeping the inventory as is) If the display area for recipes is locked as such (ie the display of 5x6 is a standard that can’t be altered) a second could be added where the current character model is and one could be dedicated to Building structures (walls, foundations, containers, crafting stations) and the other could be given to the rest.
This could be a good stepping stone to alleviate some of the gripes that would be easier to implement while other crafting tweaks are made.

And a bunch of other stuff that I’m sure has been mentioned already, this probably has as well, but oh well.

On the off chance it hasn’t been mentioned, or hadn’t been considered, maybe it’s an easier way to deal with a problem more immediately.

Thank you for your patience and time to read this.