Suggestions: Crafting + Inventory UI QoL Improvements

Hey Dev Team,

My friends and I recently started playing Conan: Exiles and we’ve been having a really fun time, thanks for the awesome game! That being said I have a few UI suggestions for the inventory UI in general and crafting UI specifically, that would hopefully make using it easier and reduce the overall amount of clicking required!

  1. Favorite Crafting Recipes
    Add the option to add/remove recipes to a list of favorites. The recipe list could then have an addition filter/sort option at the top (next to the current Weapons, Armor, Materials etc), so that all the favorite options would appear at the top

  2. Sort Recipes by Most Recent
    in the crafting recipes UI, it would be excellent if you could filter by most recently used

  3. Searching inventory resets scroll
    Problem: When searching for a recipe or an inventory location, if you are currently scrolled part way down the list and then you search for something, the list appears empty (as you are now part way down a list that now contains only a few items)
    Proposed Solution: Upon searching, the scroll should reset to the top of the list

  4. Filter recipe list for items you can currently craft
    Add a filter that removes (or grey’s out) items that you cannot currently craft as you lack the materials required

  5. Crafting from recipe wherever it’s displayed
    Problem: There are lots of places in the UI where you can see a recipe(or craftable item) listed (Such as the material requirements of another item), but to craft it you need to close the current UI, open up the crafting UI and search/find the item.
    Solution: Allow an item to be crafted from where ever it is shown in the UI, or an option to go straight to the item in the crafting menu.

I hope these suggestions are useful, thanks again for the game! :slight_smile: