Favorite recipes

Would be nice to be able to favorite recipes so that we won’t have to search for them everytime.
And no adding them to the hotbar doesn’t count, I don’t wanna have to use my hotbar slots for that…


I agree it is a little bit frustrating for the console players to find the recipes. Especially when you are lvl60 and you have all the recipes unlocked. It would be nice if we could get this option, nice idea dude. Welcome to the comunity :+1:


This exactly Stelagel. The problem is further compounded by the absence of a search bar in the Handcrafting menu on ps4 and xb1. And once we have unlocked all feats using Fragments of Power, it becomes very bloated. Funcom please, we really need some menu improvements.


I support, even on a PC, over time it comes down to a certain set of things. And looking for them among the list of “trash” takes extra time.

I only play on PC and honestly, I agree that this is a great idea. I had no idea you could not search in PS4 or that other system :stuck_out_tongue: which makes this even more needed.


Believe me it is hell. In some private servers i volunteer to fix markets and museums. It was madness, even to the blacksmith bench it is, when you know all the recipes, hell. I wish we had that option.

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Honestly, I wanted everything to have a favorite system. Or a clearer search system, sometimes I just want to make a torch and I have to go down a lot to find it! there are many “mixed” and complicated things. However, I think that this negatively affects the game’s performance. :desapontado:

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I know what you mean. Bedrolls are another item which I find I make a lot of, but which are burried way down the bottom of the list. Sometime ago Twine and Silk were relocated to the top of the Handcrafting menu, which helped a little. But with the growth of the menu (especially when we have all of the DLCs), it just isnt quite enough anymore. We need favourites, or folders, or a search bar, or ill take almost anything at this point.

Folders would also be very nice indeed, like building>sandstone>(sandstone buildings) or building>furniture,
or maybe even custom folders :smile:

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