Crafting Menus need to be fixed sooner rather than later

There are too many items and too many DLCs at this point for them not to have some organization. On console at the moment it takes about 15-30 seconds to scroll through the 200 DLC building blocks to find the bedroll I want to craft. The player crafting menu should be for essential stuff, and currently most of that is at the bottom of an ever growing pile of building pieces. Since buildings and DLCs are the main concern, my suggestion is to have a separate folder (in tiers) for buildings, as well as add DLCs to their own specific folders whenever you release them. If these folders are at the top, they will still take up significantly less space than what we have right now.

And on this topic, I also think that DLCs should have their own individual folders for the Armorer’s Bench and Blacksmith Bench. Again, we’re getting clutter that’s only expected to get worse.

But if this isn’t something you can get to quickly, a search bar for consoles would be a huge help. Even if it takes 10 seconds to load up the laggy xbox keyboard UI, it’s still going to be faster than scrolling through everything.

Thanks, I appreciate you!


Yep, absolutely. Luckily, Funcom developers have acknowledged the probem of building piece bloat, but I do think it needs to be prioritized a bit higher than they may think. Building is a major element of the game (one of the big three in their marketing slogan) but the more DLC they release, the more tedious the actual process of building becomes.

I’ve been wishing for customizeable tabs for crafting menus for some time now, but if that’s too complicated, a separate “DLC building piece” tab/folder, or even a functional filter, would help.


maybe an extra tab , called custom , and you can put up to a certain amount of things in there that you use very often. kinda like drag and drop folder.
so you could have bed rolls, flask, torches, or whatever building pieces you were using at the time could be put in that tab.
that way the rest of the stuff can stay all messy like it is now , and you have this nice clean tab for your personal needs.


I think someone else found an even better solution.
Move all the mason work to a Mason thrall/bench system.


That’s a good idea. It would definitely be an improvement over what we have right now, but if you’re building you still have to scroll through something that is progressively getting more and more DLC pieces over time. This means eventually you’re left with the same issue, just in a different place. Take the Artisan’s Worktable for instance. It’s great that it’s separate from your crafting menu, but it’s also way too disorganized and crowded for ease of use.

I bought all the dlc and I hate myself for it. I don’t even want to learn the tier 3 buildings. Please Funcom do something about this. Adding a different tab for dlc stuff would fix this issue.

This is the perfect solution, almost like having a favorites tab for whatever theme your currently building with and just move all those items into that tab.

I totally support this idea!!

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thanks:) and when your done using stuff , just drag or delete from that tab .
so it only has in there what you want at the time.
i was thinking of how i build large sometimes , and i need to make a few more pieces, i would rather have the option to do it on my persons then running into my base to make a few items and then run back. just a thought.

Funcom is doing nothing. This Problem is so oft named in this forum. It does not interest Funcom. The Best was to Play is, when you delete the DLC’s. Install only the DLC, you want to Play.

Just because it’s not their top priority doesn’t mean they’re never going to do anything about it. The best way to move it up their priority list is giving them feedback.

so seeing the Widget in dev kit … what they could do if they are up for re doing the menu … this might sound a little crazes

Add a drop down menu to select the DLC that you want to make and populate the inventory of crafting with just that type … this would take a little time to C++ but doing something is better then not doing anything.

New thrall maybe?

A Mason thrall for speed and /or reduced material cost.

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