Inventory/crafting organization


First of all, I’d like to start by saying I love the game! But the inventory/crafting UI could use some work. I don’t know if anyone has suggested it but I would love some better designed organization. I dislike having to scroll through all the recipes I know to find what I want to craft. I use the provided sorter in the crafting UI but it’s much left to be desired and doesn’t work all that well. It would be great if the sorter worked as a folder system, where all home building craftables are in one folder and the weapons in another folder kind of thing, instead of bringing all craftables to the top to view. Thank you for all the work you do!


Take a part in the hand. Then go to the part in the inventory and press B.
see: Bluestacks TextNow


this has been asked for 1 million times its never going to happen


Sarah2 I’m on ps4, so I assume you are on Xbox. I don’t know what you mean; does this method allow me to view and pick all recipes that the item is a part of?

@BrokenFang it’s a suggestion on a suggestion forum. I’m well aware it might not happen but I wanted to put it out there just in case it might happen. I’d appreciate it if you made your own suggestions and stop pointing out the “1 million” of times this has been suggested. I’m fairly new to the game and very new to the forums. I’m not going to go through every suggestion to see if my suggestion has been posted yet. Thanks!


I just make a bunch of chests put certain type of stuff in chests.


That’s what I do to be honest but it doesn’t solve my crafting dilemma. It’s certainly easier to me to find things I need to make stuff but not easier to scroll through my recipes to find a specific recipe.


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