Recipe/inventory sorting buttons

Ok I have two issues with the way the inventory/crafting menu organize themselves.

On both menus you have 5 icons: weapons, armor, materials, consumables, building. when you hit one of those it puts those recipes at the top. Have you tried looking for twine?

Unless you type in twine it is always lost in the middle somewhere.

Here is what I want to see changed. If you hit one of those icons it doesn’t put those recipes at the top it only shows those recipes so you hit weapons and all the weapons that you can handcraft are now shown and that is it. You want to see them all turn all the catagories back on, want to see armor hit the armor icon.

If you type in a search say “twine” into the box it stays there if you have to close the window until you clear it that way if you get attacked by something well typing twine you don’t have to start over again when you are free to do so.

Let me either favorite a recipe so it always sits on top or let me queue up sub items that I can hand craft from a recipe. For example a fiber binding is made from twine and plant matter, which is to say it is made entirely from plant matter so rather then having to find the twine recipe let me click the twine icon and either let me click it one time for every one I need or have it automatically build enough to make up how many I need to make. If I already have one and need two click the icon and I build two so I can then build the fiber bindings provided I still have enough plant matter to make them.

Let me set items in my inventory to always be at the top, I don’t know why it does it but I have a set of reptile armor and when I die the helmet chest and legs are grouped together and the gloves and boots are together but usually after a bunch of items. Let me set them so that if an item and it ends up in my inventory it goes to the top or if I have a bunch of items flagged for the top as close to it as it can based on Name/weight/custom.


Ive alway thought that making mass ammount of twine was kinda stupid as a handcrafted not to be mean or anything but id prefer if we had a twine weaving thrall. That would take all of our fiber plant and just auto make the twine. Im sorry but since they move twine to at the bottom of the list of handcrafted… that is one pet peeve that ill never understand. like sure as a hand crafted at the start sound reasonable but come on when you need twine for everything, now its get to be a hassle

The best part is that they basically did give us a thrall to make twine but unlike the campfire thrall or the fluid press the twine thrall still has to be told to make twine as the armorer’s bench has like one recipe that uses plant matter.

Since we can drag recipes to our toolbelts they should allow us to drag them to our inventories as well. Also the ability to hide recipes would be great as you end up with all the prerequisite recipes you don’t need.

Will have to try dragging recipes to my hotbat now, thought they fixed it cause that’s how you could dupe items.