Please Add Auto Organize Button

Would love to have an organize button on inventory screen and for chest/storage containers.


There’s a sort feature but I don’t think it’s particularly good. Some improvements here would be welcomed.

Being able to sort by type (not just moving a single type to the top, but sorting the entire list), level/tier, etc would be great. Also being able to sort recipes on crafting stations would be nice.

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that’s Funny I added it to my wish list also the hole item inventory system needs a rework.

There is. Change the tab that days custom when you look in a chest, and change it to name or heaviest. Williston organize.

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Issue with that is most of the building materials are crafting and vice versa. But gear sorting button would be phenomenal.

But of course I mean gear sort it just auto-corrected to sorting. As for building items vs buildings components I misunderstood that part my bad.

The inventory and crafting systems are honestly fairly rudimentary. I mean they work, but there’s HUGE room for improvement there. After a while you get used to the clunky but functional nature of just using the search bar for everything though (or at least I do).

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id rather to see a more specialized Tabbed inventory like building pieces in one and everything else in the other one.

I have seen the Inventory Issues posted like 20 time, its one of the top requested items I have seen on the forums., Funcom needs to contract out some of the work they have. there are simple things that need to be fixed and its been like 2 years.